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Tax Assessment FAQs


What Is An Assessment and How Does It Affect Property Taxes?

Your assessment is the base against which your tax rates are applied. An increase in your assessment (base) would result in a higher tax bill.

Would a decrease in my assessed value result in a lower tax bill ?

Not necessarily!!. Tax rates will most likely be increased therefore your actual tax bills may not be reduced.

What Are Unequal Assessments?

State law requires that assessments must be made at a uniform percentage of fair market value. Many homes in Nassau County are assessed too high relative to market value.

Are the Results Permanent?

Yes!! Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has implemented a 4 year freeze on assessments. Therefore, any reduction in your assessed value will be carried forward.

What is the Level of Assessment?

This is the percentage of market value at which properties are assessed.

Can My Assessment Be Increased Because I Grieve My Taxes?

No! It is your right to grieve your taxes!

How Can My Assessment Be Increased?

Your assessment can be increased if there is a county - wide re-assessment, you make an assessable improvement (construction) to your home, you are no longer eligible for an exemption, or an outstanding permit is closed.