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Nassau County Application Form

Fill out your property details below:


I, as petitioner and owner of the property listed designate/authorize Re-assessment and Evaluation Services to file any petition/, actions and/or proceedings relating to unequal and/or excessive assessment relating to the 2025/2026 tax years. I also authorize REA to negotiate as agent any municipality refund check.  I also authorize any agent/representative of ARC or Nassau County or NYS Supreme Court  and or any other court to communicate directly with Reassessment and Evaluation inc. in any/all matters relating to this application. I understand that I will not authorize any other individual or firm to represent me in this matter, as dual representation may delay my receiving a tax assessment reduction.  I authorize REA as my agent/representative to negotiate and accept any settlement on my behalf.  I agree to any and all terms of the above retainer.

Fee for Service:  IF THERE IS NO REDUCTION, THERE IS NO FEE:  When the assessment /taxes are reduced for the 2025 and 2026  tax years as a result of the services performed by Reassessment and Evaluation Services, a fee equal to 50% of the first years savings will be charged; exclusive of any tax exemptions, or any transitional assessments which the county/township may apply and /or as if any transitional/phase-in assessment is fully phased in the first year. Any State property tax rebate/refund does not affect our fee calculation. I agree to pay the fee in the event I sell or move out of the subject property.  If an appeal is filed a NYS $30 court filing fee applies.  You are free to cancel this agreement without harm or obligation prior to initial filing with ARC.  If I fail to pay the above fees within 30 days of official notification, I agree to pay reasonable attorneys fees to Reassessment and Evaluation.  I also agree to pay 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid balance, will be added to my bill 31 days from the original date of the invoice.  



  1. Eligibility:

    • a person named in the records of the Nassau County Clerk as a homeowner; or;

    • that person’s authorized agent; or;

    • A person who has contracted to buy a home; or 4) the estate of a deceased homeowner, is eligible under law to receive a tax     assessment reduction and a property tax refund.  If you are not in any of these categories, you will not be eligible to receive a     property tax refund and you should not sign this agreement.  If you are in one of these categories, you may sign this agreement.

  2. Services to be performed:  Note that you are not required by law to use a professional tax assessment reduction agency in order to file and/or receive a tax assessment reduction.  By signing this agreement, however, you are directing Reassessment and Evaluation to prepare and file your first level complaint for review The Assessment Review Commission, to represent you at any settlement conference and/or appeal proceeding, which includes the preparation and filing of the Appeal Petition, the compilation and presentation of a market analysis and to physically/virtually appear on your behalf at your appeal hearing with the court appointed hearing officer and the assessors representative and to represent you at any other hearing/court proceeding relating to this matter.  

  3. Notification of Tax reduction:  Reassessment and Evaluation will make every effort to notify you of any settlements made by your county/township in the course of the tax assessment review process. Any complaint for services rendered should be directed to the Office of Consumer Affairs.


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